26 Sep 2010

Management through the eyes of biologists

Developments are expected in this new field of studies ...something to keep following!

Chavez' Portuguese friends should be proud

Just to keep in mind:
....with his friend Mário Soares

...with his friend José Sócrates

In one word: 'Verguenza!'

18 Sep 2010

Empathic Civilisation

How come this is not the most watched video on Youtube?!?!

12 Sep 2010

Cities of this world

Following this initiative of Público's supplement about cities I here add two very interesting links for two very different cities' rankings:

Metropolis Now
World's Happiest Cities

The question now is "which one to consider as the most relevant?"

7 Sep 2010


"Have you ever observed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted than when we read in the original author?" by Philip G. Hamerton

....now I understand why I feel that I should be quoted more often! lol