21 Nov 2010

The World spins with Portugal as its axis

These last days all attentions were focused on NATO Summit in Lisbon, with special expectations for NATO-Russia Council (NRC). In fact, there is no doubt that this is a remarkable and memorable milestone in world's History. A new era is opened with the period of "cold relations" coming to an end. NATO and Russia should not be a threat for each other, on the contrary, they have now a common enemy (Terrorism, WMD and Piracy) and will co-operate to fight it.
By the moment I realised the turning point achieved in Lisbon during this weekend, I also realised how Portugal, this small and unknown country, is being the geographical center some major historical events and decision in this first decade of XXI century! ...excluding terrorist attacks, natural disasters and the volcano in Iceland!

Lajes Summit (March 2003), Azores, Portugal - Decision to launch the war against Iraq.
George W. Bush, Tony Blair, José Maria Aznar, hosted by the Portuguese Prime Minister José Manuel Durão Barroso (today president of European Commission).

UEFA Euro 2004 (June 2004), Portugal - The main sports' event in Europe is hosted by Portugal, and all spotlights are shed in our national team.
We lost the final against Greece. How premonitory was that final, taking in consideration our current situation, so comparable to the Greek one (fortunately also in the crisis the Greeks took advantage).

Lisbon Treaty (October 2007) - The European Union agreed the precise text of its new 'Lisbon Treaty', replacing the tentative EU Constitution document.
"With this agreement we have managed to get out of stalemate...we will be ready to tackle the world's challenges", Mr Sócrates said.

NATO Summit in Lisbon (November 2010) - Together with Russia in a NATO-Russia Council.
This Summit launched a new era in West-Russia relations materialised as a first step in a Russia and Nato common missile defence shield. "For the first time the two sides will be co-operating to defend themselves," Mr Rasmussen (NATO Secretary General) said.

And the reader now is thinking: why put UEFA Euro 2004 in the same 'basket' as the Lajes Summit, Lisbon Treaty and NATO Lisbon Summit? Definitely my option based on the fact that if you survey Portuguese and other European citizens you will get much higher awareness of Euro Cup than of any of these summits and treaties.

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